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A little over a year ago I began playing with this jazz fusion band called Wunderkat. I wasn't sure if I really belonged, because I'm so folky. Although I have some experience from Play It With Moxie, and I've always been cool with jamming, that didn't necessarily add up to enough for me to feel confident with Wunderkat's distinctive style and all-originals setlists.

I remember being so heartened at our first performance at the feedback from people who had heard the band before. "Wow, I didn't expect the timbre of the saxophone to go so well with a fiddle, that was amazing!" "Turn up louder!" "I didn't know Wunderkat needed a fiddle, but now I see it!" And slowly, I got around to the idea that perhaps I belonged in the band after all. I lost my fear of weirder keys, I found places in the songs to shine, I found solos, I found fiddle parts being added to new songs, and I found four guys who have my back.

When we got into the studio, I got to do something new! We played live, with all the intentional bleed and energy and interesting mistakes you can never fix that entails (with our saxophonist in a separate booth where we could see him and all of us could be part of the same circle) and IT WAS GREAT! I'm excited for the upcoming printing, but we're doing a digital release first.

It's all instrumental and original stuff, and I really hope you'll check it out at: http://wunderkat.bandcamp.com/


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